Benefits of Booking Direct

Best Price Guaranteed

Get the same great Harpers Ferry vacation home experience but without the middlemen or their fees

Most Flexible Cancellation Policy

The free cancellation window is longer than you will find anywhere else

Support Local Nonprofits

We make a small donation to a local nonprofit partner, and we let YOU choose which organization your booking supports


You Don’t Want an “Airbnb” in Harpers Ferry

Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has revolutionized the accommodations industry and the way people think about where they stay while they travel.  Airbnb has grown to be such a household name that you may have even found this page by searching for an “Airbnb in Harpers Ferry”.  The biggest change brought by Airbnb has been in city destinations, where homes and apartments (“Airbnbs”) now compete with hotels like never before.

In vacation destinations, though, people have been renting vacation homes, mountain cabins, and beach cottages since long before Airbnb existed.  These rentals were offered by independent vacation rental managers who knew the local attractions and small businesses inside and out, loved their destination, and worked hard to make it shine for their guests.  They combined the best of professionalism and reliability with the warmth of a small business where guests are treated like family. Unlike “Airbnb hosts,” this was their full-time job and you could rest easy trusting them with your vacation.

The good news is that these vacation rental professionals still exist!  And in Harpers Ferry, Mountain Mama is the go-to vacation rental manager that you can trust anytime you need to get away.  Airbnb and other middlemen add big fees and a layer of friction between us and our guests.  To make booking direct all the more sweet, we offer the benefits above for all reservations booked directly with Mountain Mama.  So the next time you need to get away to Harpers Ferry, skip the “Airbnb” and stay in a Mountain Mama vacation home!