Our Story

We fell in love with Harpers Ferry the first time we visited and kept looking for excuses to come back. When we found the Cozy Cabin in 2018, we found our excuse, and eager to share its idyllic setting with others, we started Mountain Mama Vacation Homes. When we saw that our guests loved it as much as we did, we jumped at the chance to buy the River House the following year and have continued to grow ever since!

We met when Eddie was wrapping up college at Harvard and Mary was midway through her masters in piano. We’re now a few years into marriage and raising two small children who seem to have inherited their father’s penchant for adventure and not enough of their mother’s sense of caution. Eddie looks for any excuse to be outside: hiking, biking, white water kayaking, you name it. The more adrenaline, the better. He's no stranger to sky-diving or bungee jumping, safari excursions or cage diving with sharks. This love of the outdoors makes it a joy to toil creating outdoor spaces at our homes that highlight the abundant natural beauty of the Harpers Ferry area.

On the other hand, Mary's idea of the "great outdoors" is curling up with a book inside a screened porch. For her part, she loves the challenge of putting together interiors with a mix of new and vintage items. She ensures that, even in Harpers Ferry, the comforts of home are never far away.

We hope you come see why we love it so much out here! No other place in the mid-Atlantic offers such a fortuitous combination of majestic views, abundance of outdoor adventure, and the charm of a well-preserved historic town. But don't take our word for it--let us host you so you can see for yourself!