Our Values

Connect Families

Thanks to the miracle of modern communication we are more connected than ever before, and yet we are lonelier than we have ever been.  We desperately need to carve out time to disconnect, leave behind the daily grind, and spend time face to face with those whom we love most.  At Mountain Mama, we strive to offer homes away from home where families can create memories they will treasure forever.

Get Outdoors Often

Remaining close to the natural world instills humility and inspires wonder.  For those who live in the city or in the suburbs, though, their connection to the earth is often strained.  Many feel the need to break away in order to regain their balance and refresh their souls.  Harpers Ferry's rolling ridges and rushing rivers have much to offer the weary soul, and at Mountain Mama it's our mission to facilitate this reconnection with nature by offering homes immersed in the natural beauty of this storied region.

Work With Nature (Not Against It)

Human flourishing requires that we work with nature rather than fight against it.  At Mountain Mama we seek to be good stewards of the bountiful beauty of Harpers Ferry so that it can be enjoyed not just by our guests today, but by their grandchildren and for generations to come. To that end, we support the local organizations working hard to care for our rivers and forests, our trails and historic structures.

Love What's Local

We live in a world that is controlled more and more by international corporations, at the expense of the small businesses that hold communities together and make places lovable.  Mountain Mama is a small, family-owned and family-run business, and we do our best to treat our guests and our homeowner partners as members of our family.  In ages past that approach was commonplace, even cliche, but today it often seems an unattainable ideal.  We support our local small businesses, from restaurants to outdoor guides, and encourage our guests to do the same.